APAA RECEPTION AT THE PHIPPEN ON MARCH 19TH, 2022.   Many thanks go to Jeannette Holverson and Neil McEwan at the Phippen for the beautiful hanging of the paintings and the set up for the reception.

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  Jeanne Wellins at the refreshment table.... Snack bags this year due to Covid concerns, along with an assortment of fizzy drinks and wine.  

  Gary Binder chatting with our Show Chair, Nori Thorne, while she and Jo Agostinelli set up the Awards Table.  

          Rob Burgheimer and his son looking at Sculpture in the Garden by Sergei Pietila who received 2nd Place for his painting.  Christine Debrosky is in the foreground looking at the portrait by Alex Kasyan.

  Lee Zimmer provided the background guitar music throughout the reception.  Our photographer was Gerry Kuhn.  

 Don Rantz, a local artist, who gave a demo on landscape painting.  Here he is talking about the blocking in of the shapes.

 Standing room only at the Don Rantz demo.  The demo was video recorded and will be shown at our May meeting.

 Bev Bradshaw.

 Carol DeGregory and her husband.

  Barb Franco in right foreground.

 Jean Hildebrant working on our Ukraine Raffle Painting, Make Your Mark.  Everyone was asked to paint a little piece of the sunflower field painting and sign the edge.  The painting will be raffled off this month and the proceeds will go to a Ukraine Relief Fund.  

  Sharon's Heilman box for everyone to use to Make Your Mark.  The photos are of Boris Rybinsky and Vera Kavula, who are both pastel artists in Kiev, Ukraine.   We have not yet heard if they are safe.  UPDATE 3/23. Boris is still in Kiev, he has not heard from Vera.  He thinks she might have left Kiev.  

 From Left to Right:  Kathy Howard, Nancie King Mertz, Gary Binder, Donna Branson, Virgina Belser

  Left to Right:  Sandy Burke, Christine Debrosky, Don Rantz, Peggy Orbon, Amanda Houston

  Left to Right:  Rob Burgheimer, Jean Hildebrant, Jo Agostinelli, Lyn DeLano

  The Awards Table with over $10,000 worth of Merchandise and Cash.  We cannot thank our sponsors enough for supporting us so generously.  At the bottom of our Homepage on this Website are all of the Sponsor Links for everyone who contributed.  

  Sharon Frey, opening the Awards Ceremony.  Thanks again to Jeannette Holverson and Neal McEwan at the Phippen.  And to Jo Agostinelli, Nori Thorne, Peggy Orbon, Jeanne Wellins, and Rob Burgheimer for making it all happen so succussfully.   A special thanks to Nori for also getting APAA into the Artists of the West Magazine and subsequently receiving a 1/2 page award from them for our show.  And it goes without saying that we could not have done any of this without the support from our members and non members who entered the show.  Thank you all.  

  Nori Thorne, Show Chair, at the podium, getting ready to announce the awards.  The Eleanor B. Coble award is given each year by Nori's family in memory of Nori's mother, who was a children's portrait artist.  The winner this year for that award was Jody Martin.

     The Prescott Art Store gave out Gift Certificates in recognition of the Verde Valley Artists who were juried into the show.  Those artists are from Left to Right:  Lyn Delano, Carol DeGregory,  Sonsoles Shack, Jeanne Wellins, Nori Thorne, and Jo Agostinelli.  Not shown are:  Pam Delay and Dorothy Dooley

  Peggy Orbon to the left side.

 Don Rantz and Jo Agostinelli.

   Ken and Judy Keith.  

 We asked Neal to pull the names out of the fishbowl for the Door Prizes.  Each winner got a set of Dakota Pastels.

  Jeanne Wellins, one of our four door prize winners.

  Neal, trying to be impartial and not look at the names.

  Carol Degregory, another of our door prize winners.  The other two prizes went to Kay Verstraete and Ann Walters.

Allan Frey, Jo Agostinelii, Kathy Drungilas

    Beth Franco and Dodie Ballantine

  Sharon Frey and Guest

    Nori Thorne and Jo Agostinelli presenting Don Rantz with his First Place Certificate for Three Ravens.

    Don Rantz with his First Place Winning Painting, Three Ravens.

  Christine Debrosky with her Award of Merit Painting, That's The Way The Caliche Crumbles.  Sponsor Award by UArt and Art Spectrum Pastels.

  Steve Yancy with his Award of Merit Painting, Butterfly Spirit.  

Sponsor Award by J.Luda Pastels.... Portrait Set

  Kathe Drake with her 4th Place Winning Painting, Diane's Diet Dilemma

    Ken Keith with his 3rd Place Winning Painting, Baldacchino

  Peggy Orbon with her Painting Colorado River Glow, which won the Don Rantz Award.

  Allan Frey with his painting Portrait of a Dog With Artist, that won the Best Figurative Award.

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