Pastel Reflections by Christine Mikesell-Bidwell


October 19 – November 3, 2018

Scottsdale Artists School
3720 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ  85251
(480) 990-1422


Entry Deadline ............... Monday, September 10, 2018                                            Notification Email .......... Friday, September 28, 2018 
Hand Delivery of Paintings ...............  Friday, October 19, 2018 9:00 a.m. 
Show Opening & Awards Reception .. October 20, 2018   3:00-5:00 p.m.                                                                                           
Show Closing & Art Work Pick Up...... November 3, 2018  at  2:00 p.m.                                       


                  Over the years in my studies at Art Center College of Design, and in museums of the world, I have drawn great inspiration from artists such as Bellini, Titian, Carravaggio, Velasquez, Chardin, Corot, Pissarro and countless others. They have all informed me of the physical and emotional qualities of light. In each project I am involved with, I try to invest my paintings with a specific sense of light to establish form, describe space, and evoke emotion. I feel as did Walt Whitman,”To me, every hour of the light and dark is a miracle, every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Struggling to express and translate these miracles into paintings is one of the great continuing adventures of my life.

Judging criteria:   When judging a show, the first thing that catches my eye is good design. The things that then sustain my attention are the handling of the medium, the depiction of light and form and finally, the ability of the artist to effectively create a quality that transcends a photographic or literal look.  


AWARDS Cash and Merchandise Awards for Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6 Honorable Mentions

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to any member who has an up to date membership in APAA.  To become a member, JOIN ON LINE AT WWW.APAA.WILDAPRICOT.ORG

ENTRY FEES:  $40 for members.  3 entries may be submitted, but a maximum of 2 paintings per artist will be accepted into the show.  All Entries must be made online at     Entry Fee is non-refundable. No images will be accepted after the deadline date and time.   Images to be sent separately to  See Below.


   +SIZE LIMITATION:   Paintings with mats and/or frames cannot exceed 672  square inches total.  Outside frame edge length x width has to be less than 672 square inches.   NO METAL FRAMES.  No exceptions.  

+ All work must be an original pastel painting completed in the last two years and not previously shown in an APAA exhibition or show.

+ Work copied from images, paintings, or photographs, regardless of copyright issues, that have been published or appeared on the internet, dvd, or any publication or that are likely to be published in any format whatsoever shall not be eligible.
It is permissible to gather and use multiple images, paintings, or photographs as resource material to create an original composition.
It is permissible to use photos from an individual that you personally know with their permission providing the individual is the source of the image, and the image is not rendered as an exact copy and meets the criteria stated above.  The artist must provide the original source image or written permission upon request if a question arises about the originality of the work.  Any work that cannot be verified will be removed from the show.

+ All artwork must be completed with 85% dry pastel as a final layer, underpainting as part of the process is acceptable, no oil pastels.

+Paintings must be suitably framed with dust cover paper and wired for hanging with D ring hangers.  No sawtooth hangers.  NO METAL FRAMES.  SIZE RESTRICTION OF 672 SQ INCHES.  BE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR FRAME.

+ All paintings must be for sale.  SAS to receive a 20% commission and APAA to receive a 10% commission on all works sold.  SAS will handle all sales.   Any painting withdrawn as an Entry by the artist after the deadline date and time will be subject to a payment to APAA of 10% of the stated sales price or banned from entering any APAA shows for two years. 

+ Work done under supervision, mentorship, or in an instructed class, workshop, online instruction, published step by step instruction, dvd, or any other form of instruction is not eligible.  Any work shown to be part of any instruction as defined above will be removed from the show.  

+ Accepted paintings must be identical to the image submitted for entry.  No substitutions, copies, adjustments, repairs, or any other modification to the painting is allowed after the entry image is submitted.  NOTE:  It is a good practice to compare the image on your computer alongside the completed painting to ensure color equivalence.

DELIVERY OF PAINTINGS         + Labels for paintings will be issued with notification of acceptance

+ All artwork that needs to be transported locally by anyone other than the artist, must be completely enclosed in an art portfolio bag with handles and labeled with the artist's name. No soft covers or cardboard carriers allowed for transport. The person delivering the painting is responsible for opening, retaining, and returning the packing materials to the artist.

+Any artwork that needs to be shipped must be received between the dates of October 8th through October 12th  to the address given in the notification of acceptance.  Shipping specifications will also be given in the notification of acceptance.   There is a $35 Shipping Fee paid to APAA for 1 painting, $50 for 2 paintings. 

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:   Artwork will be handled with care, however neither the Arizona Pastel Artists Association as an entity or its members or the Scottsdale Artists School or their employees or agents will be responsible for any loss or damage to frames or paintings.  Glass is used at the artist's risk and the artist is responsible for replacing broken glass or frames.  By submitting an entry, the artist is agreeing to all conditions stated in the prospectus. APAA suggests that artists carry separate insurance .  Permission to reproduce the artist's work for APAA publicity purposes is deemed given by the artist with the acceptance of their work.


  • 1.        Prepare your images for submission by cropping them so that no frames , mats, or whitespace are included. 
  • 2.        Using Photoshop Elements or an equivalent program, Resize them to 72 dpi and 900 pixels on the longest side. 
  • 3.        Rename the image by clicking on SAVE AS and name it with your last name first, then your first initial, and then the title of the painting. 
  • 4.       Send an email to and attach the images for show submission.  In the body of the email to Sharon include the information about each image that you are attaching.  PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SEND AN IMAGE IN 300 DPI IF REQUESTED FOR ADVERTISING.  

All images must be sent  to  by 5:00 p.m. on Monday 9/10/2018

EXAMPLE:    One of your paintings has been Saved As:  freyA-BigBoats

Info in the body of the email would be

Your complete name and cell phone number.      Listing of your entry with Full Title, Sizes and Price

1st Painting is Big Boats In The Harbor    Image Size 9 x 12    Framed Size 12 x 15         Price  $300.00

If you have any questions about preparation or submission of your entries, you can email Sharon at or call Sharon on 520-609-7929. 

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