Art Challenge: 

Periodically during the meeting year, members are invited to participate in an art challenge as an avenue to expand horizons and deepen learning for participants. The Programs Chair has sole discretion on choosing the subject matter, timing and critique method/person for Art Challenge.

What is the ART CHALLENGE?

Participants who sign up are given an object or concept to be incorporated into a painting. Typically two months is given to produce the painting. Participants may set up the objects in any manner they choose. Additional objects may be added but the required object, theme or idea shall be included. Paintings must be 80% pastel, any size and on any surface.

A limit of 10 members may sign for any given cycle.  A waiting list for each cycle will be maintained in case a participant must drop out.  Members typically only participate in one cycle per year unless a space cannot be filled by members who have not participated in a cycle that meeting year.

At the conclusion of the two-month period, participants will take their paintings to the membership meeting.  Paintings may be matted but NOT framed or covered with any reflective protective covering to allow for viewing by the audience under lights. An artist leader, provided by the program chair, will lead discussion of the results in an interactive critique between the leader and membership.  Participating artists will introduce their pieces and explain why they chose their composition, etc.

 Entries may be entered into APAA shows and Artist of the Month competitions. Good Luck if you decide to participate in this fun activity!


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