March 24, 2022.  Boyce Thompson Arboretum

  Bev Bradshaw, Marz Doerflinger, and Sharon Frey setting up.

  Barb Lindsay from Yuma, working on her painting.

  Marz Doerflinger's painting, Barrel Cactus

  Sharon talking with Catherine, one of our APAA Facebook Friends, who came by to meet some of our artists.

  Allan Frey working on his painting.

  Peggy Orbon and Gary Binder at the end of the day.

  Pamela Paine and her husband Steve and their dog Louie getting ready to head home.

  Louise Pimlott's painting.  Thank you Louise for taking the photos and driving all the way over from Yuma.

  Gary Binder with his finished painting.

  Lin Davison-Mathues with her painting.  Lin came all the way from New York to be at the Phippen Reception and to paint plein air with us.

  Allan Frey taking a break with an apple cider left over from the Phippen Reception.

          Liz and Artie.

    Our new members Barb Lindsay (L) and Louise Pimlott (R) drove all the way from Yuma to join us at Boyce.

       Bev Bradshaw's painting at Boyce.  

        Sharon and Allan in the Demonstration Garden.

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