We want to thank our Past Presidents for their stewardship over the years. The group has grown in number and scope of offering, and is a recognized entity in the greater pastel community through their leadership. Past Presidents are the following:

  1994                              RUTH PALMISANO

  1995                              KATHY HOUSER

1996-97                         PATRICIA BUCK HAMILTON

1998-99                         KELLEY SMITH

2000-01                         KERRY D. HUGHES

2002-07                         MARSHA WRIGHT

2006                               LINDA   WHEELERBOWLES

2007-09                         PAULETTE REDMOND

2009-12                          KAREN BUDAN

2012- 16                        GARY BINDER 

2016-2018 SHARON FREY

2019-9/2020 John Heckman

9/2020-2/2021 Rich Orbon

2021 - Current Sharon Frey

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