Signature and Distinguished Policies and Procedures:

APAA SIGNATURE POLICY (a/o January 1, 2017.... voted by the Board on October 25, 2016)

1.  A member shall become Signature when they have either been accepted into 3 national pastel shows (or) have received awards in 3 juried APAA member shows  (or) a combination of the two requirements.  An award is one provided either by APAA, or an APAA sponsor providing the award is given as part of the award judging process.  People's Choice and other similar awards do not count as part of the award judging process.  

2.  A member shall be considered an Associate Member upon initial enrollment with APAA and until such time as they have met the Signature requirements, with the former Juried status having been eliminated.

3.  A member can be considered for Distinguished Pastellist once they have become a Signature member.

4.  Requirements for Distinguished Pastellist are for Artistic Merit and not honorary.  The member must get 3 points from the following list of requirements.  3 of the 5 requirements must be fulfilled.  All requests with documentation will be reviewed by the Signature Chair and Approved by the Board.

a)  Member has received 3 awards from National Pastel Shows and the awards were part of the show's award judging process. (1 point)

b)  Member has been a pastel workshop instructor.  The instruction should be an official  workshop, either paid or volunteer, but appropriately recorded and final determination on validity is to be made by the Signature Chair.  (1 point)

c)  Member has exclusively been a featured artist for their pastel artwork in a published art journal, art magazine, or art book.  (or) has had published articles on pastel art in an art book, art magazine, or art journal.  (1 point)   (Modified and amended by Board Approval on May 24, 2018 to clarify that a painting that appears in a magazine ad or with a group of other artists to promote a show or similar is not acceptable).

d)  Member has had their pastel artwork exhibited in a show which highlights no more than the artist alone or at the most 1 or 2 others, in a gallery setting which is a business establishment that shows art as a primary part of it's doing business.  (Ad hoc shows like pastel 100 and national shows held in galleries do not count for APAA points). (1 point)

e)  Member has been recognized as a Master Pastellist by IAPS or PSA for their pastel artwork.  (1 point)

5.  Any member who currently has points shall be converted to the new Signature Points system by the following conversion table:

a)  any member who is currently juried at 15 points up to and including 40 juried points will be converted to 1 of the 3 signature points necessary.

b)  any member who is juried at 41 up to and including 74 points will be converted to 2 of the 3 signature points necessary.

c)  any member who has 0 to 14 points as of November 1, 2016 will have no conversion points and will need to get all 3 of the signature points necessary.

d)  any member who currently holds 75 points or more retains their Signature status.

6.  The addition of Signature Chair to the APAA Board.  The Signature Chair will administer all of the Signature Points for the members and will arrange and facilitate a Signature Show or any other Special Signature Events each year providing the Board approves the proposed show and a suitable venue is available.

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