Policy updated as of April 14, 2021.

The AOM/AOY is open to all members in good standing.  This activity is intended to encourage members to show their new work with member peers, and provides a means of displaying their work either in person at a physical meeting or on line through the website or meetings by Zoom.  No prior jurying is required.  Voting is to be done by members in attendance at the physical meeting, or by member attendance by zoom during that meeting.

1.     Duration of each cycle will be September meeting through April meeting. May meeting will be reserved for Artist of the Year.  May 2021 AOM will be part of the 2021/2022 cycle, with May 2022 being AOY.   Summer AOM can be part of the cycle online as approved by the Programs Chair, President, and Treasurer/Deputy Treasurer.

a.     Artist of the Month

 1.     Members who attend the physical meetings are invited to take in framed ready to exhibit pastel pieces to each meeting September through April to compete for the “Artist of the Month.”  Members who cannot be in attendance can provide jpeg images prior to the meeting date to be shown virtually through Zoom at the physical meeting place and compete with the framed paintings in the building.

 2.    Members may submit only one painting each month.

 3.     Paintings submitted must be new work (i.e., created within a calendar year of the submission, and not previously submitted to AOM review) or have been in an APAA show. 

 4.     Paintings that received awards in APAA or other pastel juried shows are not eligible to be presented for Artist of the Month.

 5.     Members may vote their choices for best painting during the meeting and prior to the vote count either physically or by attending the meeting by zoom.

6.    A single AOM award will be made during the meetings in September, October, November, January, February, March and April to the painting receiving the most votes at that meeting.  Or during the summer months if approved.

7.      Members who have won a first place for that month may not compete in AOM competitions for the remaining meeting year, except in the Artist of the Year competition.

b.     Artist of the Year

 1.     All first place AOM winners from September through April or through the summer as approved, may take their pieces to the May meeting for voting or have them available by zoom.  Members vote for “Artist of the Year” from among the monthly first place Winners at the May meeting.

2.     Awards for AOM and AOY will be determined by the Board, and may change periodically based on available funds or sponsor donations.

3.    AOM is currently $25 and AOY is $100 provided by either APAA check or sponsor gift certificate.

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