1.      Workshop Chair has responsibility to do the following:

a.      Solicit workshop providers and member interests to develop a slate of potential workshops for up to two years in advance of their planned date.  Request per day fees from potential instructors and other expenses they will need i.e. airfare, room, auto rental, mileage, food allowance, supplies, etc.  Complete worksheet for presentation to the Board.  

b     Present workshop options and budgets individually to the APAA Board for approval. Options include, provider, planned dates, prospective costs, number of days, number of students, confirmed venue dates i.e. checked with AAG or other venue in advance of completing budget approval and scheduling with the Instructor.

c.      Develop contracts that bind the Provider and APAA, and the workshop venue and APAA.

d.      Ensure that the Vice President (or President) review and sign the contracts, and pass the signed copies to either the venue POC or provider. Copies of completely signed contracts shall be provided to the Vice President for archive.  Copies shall be sent to the treasurer for their files and to use during payment.  Treasurer or Workshop Chair to review invoices submitted by the Instructor and compare against the Contract.  

e.      Facilitate the workshop execution, including facility and refreshment management. Order supplies if necessary, with approval from Vice President (or President) within the range of expenses estimated.  There can be assistance delegated by the workshop chair, but the workshop chair is responsible for overall conduct with the President ultimately responsible for Bldg Use and Safety.  

f.       Have Event entered into Wild Apricot with the set number of students and a waitlist established.  Use the “wait list” of candidates from which open slots shall be filled on a “first come, first served” basis.

g.      Solicit and summarize post-workshop feedback, and final accounting, and provide this summary to the Board and Members.

h.      In event of a participant requesting a refund or wanting to remove themselves from the workshop, the chair shall send the requestor a copy of our cancellation policy and inform them that no decisions will be made until the workshop is completed.  The Chair shall be the POC for all dialog with the Board, and will communicate Board results to the requestor in case of special considerations.  No monies shall be refunded until the completion of the workshop.  Please see workshop refund policy for exact rules.

2.      The APAA Board will approve potential workshops/workshop budgets, approve workshop costs per student for members and non-members and approve amounts/timing for deposits and final payments. In event of a refund request outside the scope of the workshop refund policy (Item 3c), the Board will arbitrate and approve an equitable decision based on relevant facts.

3.      Workshop Refund Policy:

a.      Refunds at any time will be provided for any medical, or family hardship condition by joint decision of the President, Treasurer and Workshop Chair. Workshop chair/Treasurer will record the refund as “hardship.” Refunds will be 92% of the received payment at the time of the request (i.e., Less Transaction costs such as PayPal or other charges).

b.      Refunds will be provided to anyone requesting them greater than 90-calendar days from the planned workshop by joint decision of the President, Treasurer and Workshop Chair. Refunds will be 92%of the received payment at the time of the request (i.e., Less Transaction costs such as PayPal or other charges).

c.      No refunds will be by policy provided to anyone, except in “hardship cases for requests with 90 days of the planned workshop start. If a person wishes to request a Board review of their request they may do so, but the Board will delay acting on that request until the workshop start in order to determine if the refund places the workshop in a financially negative position. If the refund would result in a net negative, it shall NOT be granted. Refunds, if approved, will be 92% of the received payment at the time of the request (i.e., Less Transaction costs such as PayPal or other charges).

d.      The refund requestor may ask that a “wait list” candidate be added in lieu of the requestor in advance of the workshop start. However, the refund shall not be decided until financial review of the workshop net proceeds. Alternatively, the refund requestor may solicit “wait list” candidates and arrange separate financial arrangements to swap participant names.

4.      Workshop Attendees have responsibility to plan their own logistics, pay for the workshop per APAA payment requests and participate professionally in the workshop.  

  a.      Attendees should read and understand workshop policies on refunds and payment terms/timing for deposits and final payments.

  b.      Request refunds if needed via the Workshop chair.


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