Member Policies and Dues:

1.     Member dues are $40 paid annually, with exception of charter members and past presidents currently maintaining “active status.” (BOARD APPROVED CHANGE IN FEES TO $40 JANUARY 2018)

a.     “Active” status for charter members and past presidents shall be established and recorded through our membership software (currently Wild Apricot) annually by one or more of the following:   Attending APAA meetings, Participating as a board member, Participating in APAA shows, Providing or attending demos or workshops for APAA either individually or as part of APAA programs or Donating services or funds to APAA activities equivalent to what member dues would be as determined by the APAA board.

2. Dues cover the time period of APAA’s fiscal year (May 1 to April 30) regardless of when a member joins or submits payment. a.     Member dues are payable by April 30 for those renewing membership.

3.  Website Chair shall have discretion to remove or retain member names from the APAA roster should member not pay dues by April 30th. The retention option is available to those with financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances or where services rendered are deemed equivalent to the member dues.  

 i.     Delinquent members lose privileges granted an active member. Payment of dues reinstates that member to active status via the new member application process.

 ii.     For Signature members, re-instating active status within 2 years allows the artist to retain signature points. Should that not occur, the member will need to re-apply for membership and re-start through the juried/signature process.

4.  Paid dues are required prior to members submitting to any APAA show, and shall be verified by the show chair during the entry process.

5. Guests are welcome and may attend APAA meetings without being a member, however APAA retains the right to exclude guests from participating in APAA funded activity, programs or offerings at any time.

6. The Member Contact List is contained on Wild Apricot and is maintained by the Website Chair.  

a.          The contact list contains proprietary personal data of APAA members, and as such must be handled with that consideration. The contact list can be provided to any active member, and shall be marked as “APAA Proprietary Data. Members are instructed to not forward this list to a non-APAA member requestor.

b.     Member personal information distribution is prohibited unless the  member(s) give permission to have their contact info distributed, on a case by case basis.



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